Summer School Tools

June 30th, 2009

Some tools are required for the summer school on your devices

For Mobile phones and PDA

You need 2D QR Code reader, one of  the following tools:

For your Laptop, UMPC, Netbook, etc.

Firefow version, up to 3.11, add-ons are not compatible with version 3.5

Some add-ons for firefox (and firefox of course)

The three first add-ons will enable you to see RDF triples generated on the blog website, from the database content.

Technology Enhanced Learning Summer School On Mobile Learning

June 29th, 2009
4-9 July 2009

Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France

The sixth Summer School on technology enhanced learning is organized by CNRS, in collaboration with the community of the network of excellence Kaleidoscope.  The last one was dedicated to adaptation in technology enhanced learning systems (7-12 July 2007 in Grenoble).

The main goal of the summer school is to bring together PhD students with experienced researchers from the technology enhanced learning community about mobile Learning. This topic will be addressed from a cognitive viewpoint (pedagogy, didactic, education, etc.) and a technological viewpoint (computer-based models, architectures, etc.).

June 26th, 2009

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The Computer Science department at Telecom Bretagne offers a Bachelor
of Science and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Our
department offers upper level required and elective courses that
provide an introduction to Web Programming and Internet Technologies.
I have taught some of thesecourses several times and I will teach them
again. I support your proposal to develop a web application for
collaboratively creating and sharing open-content academic resources.
The ability of instructors to readily and dynamically access and
update learning material is especially important in new or rapidly
changing academic fields. I am convinced that sharing and reusing
instructional resources while acknowledging and preserving the
copyright of the authors is a key strategy for improving teaching and
curricula in Computer Science.

M. Serge Garlatti
Telecom Bretagne, Institut Telecom
Computer Science Department
Technopole Brest Iroise
CS 83818, 29238 Brest Cedex 3
Fax: +33 2 29 00 12 82
Tel: +33 2 29 00 14 53

Twitter Account for the Summer School

June 23rd, 2009

Don’t hesitate to follow the twitter account :

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