Mobile Contextualized and Cooperative Learning

Course 2: Mobile contextual cooperative Learning (Bertrand David, Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

Summer School on Mobile Learning-CCAML Brest2009_7_5_2 in pdf

  • Contextual mobile learning definition and main concepts (MOCOCO: MObility – COntextualization – COoperation, CAE: Computer Augmented Environment, AR: Augmented Reality, Proactivity, MoUI: Mobile User Interfaces)
  • Help Me To Do (HMTD) project as presentation and study concrete situation concerned by the use new of communication technologies and mobile interaction devices in domestic, public and professional appliances mastery which need help and training (Home: mastering domestic appliances as washing machine, Public: traffic, transportation, cultural information access and Professional: use, maintenance and repairing activities).
  • System architecture, development and use processes: IMERA Platform, Learning Units Production, Modeling of user tasks, Contextualization with RFID and communicating objects, Configuration of  Wearable Computers
  • Situated learning methods characteristics and adequacy discussion (just-in time learning, learning by doing, learning & doing, integrated e-learning, PS (performance support) approach, …
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