Learning with Augmented Reality

Course 2: Learning in an augmented environment (Thomas Vantroys, Benjamin Barbry, Yvan Peter, LIFL, Lille)

Pervasive learning can be enhanced by the interaction with an augmented environment that provides interaction means with the nearby facilities. This course will present the technological offer to integrate the “physical services” (uPnP, phidgets…) and how they can be combined to provide augmented learning activities.

Slides of the presentation

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  • Alain Derycke ,Thomas Vantroys, Benjamin Barbry,  Philippe Laporte :  “E-RETAIL: INTERACTION OF INTELLIGENT SELLING SPACE WITH PERSONAL SELLING ASSISTANT”, ICEIS 2008, Spain.
  • Kato, H., Billinghurst, M., Poupyrev, I., Imamoto, K., Tachibana, K. (2000) “Virtual Object Manipulation on a Table-Top AR Environment.”, In proceedings of the International Symposium on Augmented Reality, pp.111-119, (ISAR 2000) Munich, Germany.