Some reflection about the treasure hunt activity

July 5th, 2009

You have been very motivated to participate in the treasure hunt activity and we thank you for this!

Here are some questions on which you may react to go further:

– I guess your motivation was driven by the novelty of the tool & activity. Would it last long and what would be the motivational factors for mobile learning?

– What where the problems you noticed with the activity, devices…? To which extend would they hinder the activity and learning?

– Do you see places for this kind of activity in your teaching ? How would you appropriate the design?

You can add questions of your own and your reflections on this.

July 4th, 2009

Examples during the evaluation course and many works consider children with personal devices. In a workplace setting, you may not have a personal device and it could even be shared within a team. Are there any study of the difference (in terms of appropriation, social effect…) ?